Turnkey Solutions
Consulting and Design

Having the best technology on the market for sustainable energy solutions is the first step, but not enough.

Our commitment is to analyze and understand the needs of our customers and the context in which they operate, to design the best solution and more convenient.

Supply, installation, commissioning. We take care of all the steps required to build Cleantech system on any scale, ensuring the ultimate in terms of end result.

The technology is so safe and convenient that we can take care, for you, to finance, build and operate the energy system. To you is the safety of use of renewable and clean thermal energy, at a fixed rate, competitive and guaranteed.

Through the remote monitoring of the plants we are able to continually improve functioning, taking into account the specific needs of the customer, while minimizing the need for maintenance and making maximum the efficiency and thus the environmental and economic benefit.

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GEBO Solutions Oy

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email: solutions@gebo.fi

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ESCO Services
Monitoring, Optimization, Maintenance

One provider with all the best technologies and solutions to offer


GEBO Solutions Oy provides a full range of services to meet the needs associated with obtaining relaibale energy solutions on any scale.